Accompanying children overseas – notarised parent consents

Back when we were kids (yes it’s one of those stories), our idea of an exotic holiday was a 12 hour drive to visit the Big Banana. From some of the work we’ve been doing lately, it seems children have slightly higher expectations these days! School rugby excursions to South America. Holidays with family friends in Equador. Visiting Poland to see Dad*. These all seem much more fun – and probably safer – than winding your way up the Pacific Highway in the back of a non-air-conditioned Commodore in the heat of summer during school holidays. Not that we’re jealous, or anything… 

Probably reflecting the shrinking world in which we live – and the global efforts to combat child abduction and trafficking – we’ve seen a recent spike in the number of requests we receive to notarise parent consents for children to travel with adults overseas, e.g. with grandparents and other relatives, sports coaches or family friends. The Immigration and other authorities in many countries – for example in Central and South America, South Africa and Canada – require proof of parental consent when a child is travelling with an adult who is not their parent (or with only one of their parents).  An easy way to establish this is for one or both parents to sign a consent and then to get it notarised by a NSW Notary Public.

If your child will be travelling overseas with an adult who is not their parent (or with only one of their parents), we recommend you check whether the relevant authorities require a notarised parental consent.  If so, we would be happy to help.

* activities and countries have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 
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