How we work

We provide a quality service. We strive to give clients value for money. We recognise that no-one wants to waste time, and we pride ourselves on our efficiency.

To help minimise costs – and to save you time – we will ask you a few questions about the document or documents you need notarised when you contact us to book an appointment.  We may ask you to describe and/or to fax or scan/email us copies of the relevant forms or other documents in advance of our consultation.

For your consultation with us, we ask that you bring along sufficient proof of your identity.

For individuals, please bring along:

  1. your current passport (or citizenship certificate or birth certificate); and
  2. your current New South Wales (or other) driver’s licence; and
  3. another official document with your name and current address on it, such as rates notice, credit card or other bank statement, or a utilities bill.

If you don’t have some or all of these documents, we will work with you to find another way of establishing your identity – but please call us to discuss the issue first as we cannot notarise documents without sufficient proof of your identity.

For companies, please bring along your original certificate of incorporation, as well as sufficient proof of identity for the director(s) or other officer(s) signing the relevant documents (passport, driver’s licence, etc).