It’s 6pm on a Sunday and I need a Notary Public now! Notary Public after hours and weekend service

After months of planning, you fly out first thing tomorrow morning.  You’re all packed.  You’ve made arrangements for your neighbour to pick up your mail; and for your kids or cat (as the case may be) to stay with a friend.  The flights are locked in, hotels booked, and (after some debate) your itinerary is finally agreed. You can’t wait.

Then someone ‘helpfully’ reminds you that you need that official document notarised before you go.

Irritated, you google “Notary Public” with your suburb’s name, and up pop hundreds of options.  You dial a few – but they all ring out.  You check their websites.  They don’t open after 5pm – especially not on a Sunday evening.

Panic sets in.  Then you find us.

We’re used to seeing clients at very short notice outside standard work hours, whether it be after hours on a weekday or on the weekend.  Even, on occasion, on Sunday night before a Monday morning flight.  As locals, we’re happy to pop into our office at night or on weekends to help clients who find themselves in a fix.  We see it as part of our responsibility to the community as Notaries Public.

And we don’t charge extra for it.


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